We are Joseph and Sam Pressinger. We are overwhelmingly aware of how fortunate we are to have clean clothes, food, warmth & all basics readily available, whilst SO many do not even have paper & colouring pencils.

It is our goal to collect everyone’s used (or new) discarded / spare stationery inc. pencils, crayons, pens, rulers, rubbers, protractors, rulers, pencil cases & related items. We will identify reusable items then clean, sharpen, collate & prepare packs in sealed pouches to take to children in need.

Barnardo’s would be delighted to receive our efforts & get these to those children and plan to put this through their media channels to raise awareness & support. Depending on volume we will assist food banks etc too.

Our school will promote with collection points / newsletters and get other schools on board. Barnardo’s are looking into having collection points in their shops. W H Smith & Ryman's kindly agreed to donate stationery to support this too.

We would like to appeal to people to dig out that very familiar tub of broken pencils & discarded stationery & allow us to get these to kids that don’t have these basics.

It would mean so much to get your support with these plans and we hope your will agree that this is a great cause and could help so many children.

If you would like to support this cause please email donate@stationerymoving.com and we will provide instructions on where to send your stationery. If you are local to Bushey WD23 area we would be happy to collect locally or arrange for you to drop to us.

If you could share this page on your social media it would really help us reach others that may like to support our efforts.